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 Post subject: Snowtrooper Costume Pieces-All information welcomed
PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:49 pm 
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Posting here in the hopes of possibly furthering my knowledge on all aspects of the screen used snowtrooper pieces. To date, some lingering questions/issues I have not been able to answer have been due to just a general lack of public interest in this particular armor (beyond fan-costuming), limited information available online and through various sources within the community and finally, tightly held information known only to the inner-circle of "high-end" collectors.

Key Questions:

- What is the precise/accurate number of full suits produced for production? I've only ever counted up to 8 snowtroopers (sans commander) in one picture frame, but without additional images of the like, it's nearly impossible to ascertain an accurate number

- Of these suits, how many 'full' suits are still around today? To my knowledge, the 'exhibition' suit is the only near-complete suit still around-missing pouches and thermal det.

- How many costume pieces still exist in the archives? Private collections? I know of at least 2 helmets in private hands, and a 3rd NON-production used/finished helmet and pack that's about to come up for auction which is/was owned by a member of ESB production. The archives at least has another chest piece and backpack, making LFL's ownership total being 1 nearly finished suit, with and extra chest/pack.

- What has happened to the original forming bucks? I know that at least a casting of the original helmet sculpt (with the half-concept face) is in the hands of one of the Prop Store employees (or he at least works with the propstore)

- Any other information related to this topic.

What really bugged me, as being a person who's only really cared about the Snowtroopers in the same capacity that most folks here care about Vader is that while visiting the Prop Store booth at this past Celebration, upon seeing the unfinished snowtrooper helmet, which confirmed to us, (the general public) that all the helmet's had the nostril details as seen on the commander helmet. One of the prop-store employees casually stated "They all had them, that's common knowledge, if you ever look under the helmet's hoods" [SIC].

Well, it's something that's been "theorized" by us and never confirmed, but to state that as a common fact just rubbed me the wrong way. I get it, there's a tight-nit group of collectors who can drop thousands on these pieces, but like to keep information about them in the dark, in secrecy, etc. I know that's been a road-block for myself. I get it, they paid for it, it's "theirs" now. It just seems that a lot of this kind of information won't be really ever "cared for" or ever come to light because of this mentality. It's a frustrating aspect of my research...

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