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THE PROP DEN is primarily a Darth Vader Prop Discussion Board, but we also deal with other Star Wars Props as well as Prop Replicas from other movies. If you do not yet have an account, set one up, sign in and jump into the Vader Prop Discussions!

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 Post subject: The Prop Den Forum Code of Conduct
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 2:27 pm 
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Hi All,

The following is a Code of Conduct by which the Staff feels all members must abide in order for our home here to continue to function in the best manner possible. Much of this is common sense - the main point of posting this Code is so that each member understands what is expected when posting and contributing to discussions with no ambiguity or confusion.

The Den Staff

• No personal attacks on other members; feel free to disagree, but the line is drawn at name calling or making remarks that degrade another's character. Let’s be adults. This extends to PMs as well – no bullying of any kind is allowed, public or private. If anyone is on the receiving end of an offensive post or PM, please report it to a Staff member immediately.

• If you have a problem with another user – either a Mod/Admin or another member – report it to a Staff member. Do not retaliate in an existing thread, and do not start a new topic regarding the problem. Such posts will be deleted.

• No trolling. For our purposes, Trolling shall be defined as “posting controversial or contrary messages in an on-line community such as an on-line discussion forum or group with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response.” If you do not have anything to contribute to a thread, please refrain from posting.

• No spamming. Spam posts will not be tolerated, and they will be deleted.

• Moderator and Admin decisions must be respected and honored immediately and without debate. If a Mod or Admin says something in a thread, it must be respected. If the decision is to discontinue a certain conversation or line of discussion, the discussion must end right away. Members are always free to PM the Mod or Admin that made the decision and discuss that decision privately. However, arguing with or questioning a Mod or Admin in public, or carrying on a discussion in contravention of a Mod or Admin’s decision will not be tolerated.

• Do not make factual claims or assertions that you are unwilling or unable to back up. If you do not have or are unwilling to provide support for a claim you make, you must frame that claim as an opinion (i.e. “I think that . . .” or “I believe that . . .”). Members here have a right to know why certain things are fact or purported fact; the absence of proof only creates uncertainty, and blindly following non-supported assertions will inevitably lead to misinformation. One of the essential pillars the Den was founded upon is the open sharing of information for the benefit of all members. If you feel like making unsubstantiated claims, please take them to other forums.

• No recasting. Recasting is defined as “copying or re-creating the work of another without the owner’s permission for sale or other personal profit.” We all work very hard on our projects and take great pride in our work – recasters therefore have no place in our community. As in the real world, every member is “innocent until proven guilty.” If someone accuses another of recasting, the accuser has the burden of proving it. Recasters will be banned, no exceptions.

• No sharing information posted in the privileged section with those who do not have access. Sharing privileged information with those who do not have access to the privileged section will result in an immediate permanent ban, no exceptions.

• Only post pictures/photos that you have a right to post. If a picture was previously posted with permission in the public domain (i.e. eBay or another forum), it is fair game here. If someone else sent you a picture with permission to re-post it, and that person had permission to post it in the first place, it is fair game here. However, nobody may post private pictures that someone else took unless that other person has either 1) given permission for the pictures to be re-posted or 2) posted them in the public domain already. If you are unsure, do not post – rather, ask a Staff member first.

• If any of these rules are broken, the offending member will be informed of the breach immediately. For a first offense, the member will receive an official warning via PM from one of the Staff members. For a second offense, the member will receive a 14-day account suspension. During that time, the member will be unable to log in to his or her account. For a third offense, the member will have his or her account permanently deleted. The exceptions to this structure are recasting and sharing privileged information, each of which will result in an immediate ban. Prior offenses do not count – everyone starts with a clean slate now.

• Once a user’s account is deleted – either through a disciplinary ban or because the user has requested it – the user may not have his account back or create a different account for him or herself. Leaving the forum means leaving for good.

• Discussions about banned members and any affiliated products related with them may be discussed here on the Den. However, please understand the banned member will not have a voice of their own as they are banned. Any correspondance on their behalf, either through the Den staff or any associated member will not be tolerated. They lost their voice here as a result of their banning.

• Going forward, the forum will require that all users log in to their accounts to be able to read the threads as well as post to them. Any non-banned persons are always welcome to create accounts and log in, but the Staff currently feels that individuals who do not choose to be part of our community have no need to have access to the information in our threads.

• There will be no deletion or editing of posts (unless in extreme, extreme circumstances) as the STAFF do not believe in that form of censorship - though there are limits as to what is accepted as good form. The mod’s / admin’s responsibilities lies not with deleting / editing / censoring post, but to make a statement in the topic about proper conduct to get the topic back on track. If users have a problem with what is said in a topic, they should not expect the post to be deleted or edited by the mod / admin, but can rest assured that user in question will receive a public request from mod / admin to edit the post or delete it, as offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

• Forum issues, problems, and questions should be reported in the “Feedback and Suggestions” section. If they are posted elsewhere, they will be moved.

• The Black Market section is only for your own FS/FT/WTB/Personal eBay auctions. Other people’s auctions must be posted in the appropriate Prop section. It is okay to post live auctions here. If you are interested in bidding, just mention that in the post, so that people will know. Also, please be courteous and give a heads-up if you are out of the bidding war, thus passing on the "item" to another interested user.

• Feel free to advertise your items in the Black Market section, but please do not advertise sales, etc in other sections. Do not hijack threads in the regular prop sections with ads or links to your items for sale.

• Pictures of your own collection should be posted in the appropriate PROP section. This rule was changed due to the posting habits of our users and to maximize exposure, as in general the GALLERY section is not a discussion section.

• Any posts that are made in an improper section will be moved by a Staff member.

• These rules are not up for debate. People have asked for more clear-cut rules that apply to all members, so the Staff has created such rules to the best of its ability. If you have a suggestion, feel free to PM an admin, but the rules are non-negotiable unless otherwise stated.

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 Post subject: Re: The Prop Den Forum Code of Conduct
PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:13 pm 
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Nov 24, 2008: CoC update.

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