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Author:  banthapoodoo [ Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Don Post Deluxe

Thanks for additional info Lambotour. The red bead pretty much confirms there was real concern at Lucasfilm about this helmet being too accurate. The reversed paint scheme being the first layer of defense. And if that were breached, the second layer of defence... Lucasfilm's ultimate weapon... the Death Bead.

Speaking of.... I found it on mine!

I hadn't looked for it since last night. And I'll admit for a moment I considered the possibility that it was a good-humored prank. A red bead? Really? I would be distracted for as least a week or more, resolutely engaged in a quest to find it. Affording me no time to formulate and propose any more C-scar theories during that timeframe. And you know what, it would have worked! Lol.

I'm understanding why others defer to your judgement when it comes to any and everything Vader. From something as trivial and little-known as this (which was like finding a bright red tiny Easter Egg for me), to what could be the most significant Star Wars prop find in history. When Lambotour speaks Vader... people listen. And well they, I, should.

I cropped the photo so that the exact location and size of it is still semi-secret. Like you said NHM, it wouldn't make sense to resort to drilling into the mask to confirm it's there. Nor would it make sense for it to be proud* and easily found.

*chiefly British : raised above a surrounding area

Looked for a microscopic red bead with a bright LED flashlight all along the nose bridge... no joy. All along and within the nose notches... no joy. Hmmmm ah hah look on the inside of the mask. Under shiny strips of glue between the eyes would be a sneaky place to hide a red bead.... no joy. Lift up the padding above the eyes a bit... and voila!


Definitely evokes the ghoulish roots of Don Post! Would have scared the banthapoodoo out of me if I hadn't been deliberately looking for it.

No Humor Man wrote:
Why would you remove proof that it's a genuine DP DLX?

Dave meant if one were trying to pass a DPDLX off as an original screen-used Vader helmet, which was the main reason the red bead was added, if they knew of its existence they could remove it. And perhaps need to change a couple of other things too.

And also for resale of a DPDLX, it would be good for seller and buyer to know it's original.

Author:  Lambotour [ Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Don Post Deluxe

I appreciate your compliments, but please do not put me on that pedestal. I'm just an avid fan of Vader and have been studying him for the last 20 years so you learn a few things.

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